AEEN Feb 2014


Arts Entrepreneurship Educator’s Conference
June 6-7, 2014
Southern Methodist University
Dallas, Tx.

: $50, Students $35

Arts Entrepreneurship educators, program directors, students, working artists and the curious are invited to the first national meeting dedicated to arts entrepreneurship education. The conference will focus on helping participants engage with new pedagogical techniques and the larger issues surrounding the field.

The Cornerstone of an Academic Society
The most important aspect of the conference will be the formation of an academic society for Arts Entrepreneurship educators. Last summer, a small group of arts entrepreneurship educators met at NC State University to establish the organization’s foundation and this conference is only one outcome of this important work.

Open Call for Proposals
Workshop proposals are restricted to pedagogical concerns and panel discussions are restricted to topics of specific interest to arts entrepreneurship educators. This peer-reviewed call opens 2/16/2014 and closes 4/1/2014.
Proposals should include: Format (workshop or panel), topic, executive summary, technology requirements and a 250 word description. Email proposals to: jjgangi@ncsu.edu

Click HERE for the official conference page.


The Suggested Outcomes for Arts Entrepreneurship Education, recently endorsed by the College Music Society’s Executive Committee, were developed by the Society’s Committee on Music Entrepreneurship Education and signify an important development in the field.

The Committee developed these outcomes as a
basis for discussion both within and outside the field and is intended to be an initial platform for further engagement and development. Until a larger discussion between educators from all the arts (and other) disciplines occurs, Arts Entrepreneurship educators are encouraged to adopt these outcomes as needed for either course or curriculum development and assessment / programming purposes. You can find the Suggested Outcomes here.

Artivate: A Journal of Entrepreneurship in the Arts (the field’s only academic journal) can be accessed here.


Perhaps the most telling proof that Arts Entrepreneurship education is becoming a part of higher ed arts training is that almost every major music conservatory in the nation now has an active entrepreneurship program!

In an effort to help new Arts Entrepreneurship educators learn about the field, you can buy
Disciplining the Arts: Teaching Entrepreneurship in Context here.

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Another work of interest to Arts Entrepreneurship educators has recently been published. You can learn about Ronnie J. Phillips’ Arts Entrepreneurship and Economic Development here.